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"Greg Mauger doesn’t simply take pictures; he creates art. Through the lens of his camera, he captures the emotion and passion of his subject, whether it be a bride, a dancer, a landscape, or a cityscape. Through his attention to detail, his skillful use of light (both natural and man-made), and his communion with his subject, he is able to create not just a picture, but a glimpse into the heart of the subject. His black and white photos make us look at the subject in a new way without the distraction or noise of color. Subtleties become more apparent; white is not just white; nor black, black. The photograph becomes timeless. Once the photograph has been shot, Douglas McCambridge does his magic with the photograph, turning it into the final product, a true work of art. He is the editor, the one who polishes and completes the photo; together Greg and Paul tell the story."

- Mary Gaviglio, Minnapolis, MN
"As a former dancer, Greg's knowledge gives him a rare natural timing and instinct to capture the art form. He was open to our ideas and went above and beyond by learning our performance inside and out so the best shots would be captured. We couldn't have asked for more. He is a true blessing to the world of dance photography."

- Phyllis Rothwell Affrunti - Artistic Director w/ Boise Dance Co-op & Fmr. Principal Dancer w/ Eugene Ballet and Ballet Idaho
"Greg wasn’t just about getting emotional, unique, and high-class photographs, he was interested in building an open and honest relationship. Being genuinely interested in getting to know me, this allowed Greg to capture photographs that are true reflections of my personality and interests. Devoted to his mission, Greg thoroughly planned locations, poses, and costumes, while leaving room for flexibility. Knowing this was a team effort, Greg was extremely interested in my perspective, asking for feedback, opinions, and correct technical lines. He paid careful attention to the fine details such as finger positioning and his excellent timing, meant we only had to try poses a few times. I was filled with pure joy, looking back at the camera display to see glowing photographs of myself I didn't know were possible. Even throughout the editing process, what little needed to be edited was done with precision. It was an absolute pleasure working with Greg and I can’t wait to see what we can create next time!"

- Jessica Sulikowski - Soloist - Ballet Idaho - Boise, ID / New Jersey
"What draws me to Greg's photography is his ability to capture emotion. His photos not only capture the subject in, but tell a story. Its not often I find photography that makes me feel and think the way Greg's does. He is a photographic storyteller and one of the best photographers / artists I've ever seen."

- Sean Arnold - Cedar City, UT
"As someone who easily feels awkward or unsure in new situations and especially with new people, I felt surprised by how quickly Gregory made me feel comfortable. His talent to immediately connect with people elevates his work to an incredibly high standards. Through collaboration, shared vision, and encouragement, Gregory captured photos that I did not even know that I was capable of producing and were hands down the best photos of my career. Thank you so much Gregory for not just seeing me as a project, but as a person too. I hope to work with you soon!

- Rodé Krige - Company Dancer w/ Ballet Tucson
"Greg is able to capture the pure essence of dance... JOY! I love that Greg is able to capture the true feeling of a piece or performance. You feel like you are at the performance when you see their pictures. I appreciate the integrity and the attention to detail they take with each and every photo. I know that my image and how I'm represented as an artist is in good hands when they are behind the camera."

- Elizabeth Keller - Former Dancer with Miami City Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, Trey McIntyre Project, and Former Principal Dancer with Ballet Idaho - Boise, ID

 "It is difficult to find photographers who understand dance. Greg and Paul were able to capture the essence of Off Center Dance. They created images that reflected our style and art. They were professional and knowledgeable. We would love to work with them again." 

- Kelli Brown - Artistic Director - Off Center Dance - Boise, ID

"With working with many photographers in southern Utah for a variety of purposes, I was under the impression that not being 100% happy was a normal thing and I should expect not better. Then I worked with Gregory and the results were beyond my expectations. I now know what being 100% happy feels like. I will be using Gregory for all my photographic needs in the future"

- Laura Allard - Parowan, UT
"When studying photography many years ago in the San Francisco area, my instructor taught that in the medium of black and white photography, there are some essential requirements. You must see in monochrome, understand texture, tonal contrast, shape & form, "feel" the lighting and the subject matter. Greg & Paul have mastered these elements and have produced some of the best black and white photos I've seen since Ansel Adams."

- Jim Fontano - Cedar City, UT
"Greg is able to capture the enigmatic moment when a simple gesture speaks volumes. The emotional depth found in his photographs is complemented by the comfortable environment he creates during a photoshoot."

- Jessica Liu - Professional Freelance Dancer - Salt Lake City, UT / Boise, ID
  "As a graphic designer who has also studied photography, Greg & Doug are exceptional in capturing just the right mood. The lighting and editing are always spot on, and I find the negative space and shapes created in their photographs especially beautiful."

- Maia Bobb - Bucks County, PA