Gregory A. Mauger | Fine Art Photography
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"Greg's energy and love for creating art, capturing movement, and cultivating expression is clearly represented in his work. He is a pleasure to work with, a joy to chat with, and is gladly willing to collaborate his tried and true method to produce honest, interesting, and meaningful works of art."

- Andrea Jensen - Company Artist with Nevada Ballet Theatre
"Greg is a joy to work with. His keen eye for details combined with an easy going attitude make for not just a memorable shoot, but also pieces of art that stay present in your mind. This fusion of qualities allows for a story to be told within a photo and it doesn't take long to "get the shot". When you're working with professional like Greg, there is a prominent feeling each photo and each unique piece is a true work of art."

- Savannah Sanderson - Dancer / Aerialist with Off Center Dance, - Boise, ID
"The opportunity to work with Gregory has been a life changing experience. He has helped me grow both personally and professionally as an artist. When I work with Greg there is a constant flow of ideas bouncing between us. We have helped each other achieve the unimaginable. Thank you, I look forward to the future."

- LayCee Houghton - Professional Dancer, - Herber City, UT
“Greg creates a very fun, personal and comfortable environment. He has an undeniable eye for art which is obvious in his photos. He captures not only a powerful image but a story and emotion. He does amazing things with lighting, shadows and those subtle details. I was beyond thrilled with every image he captured. I can't wait to work win Greg again!”

- Liz Adams - Boise, ID
"Greg has the perfect balance of creative energy and calm direction. Because of Greg's openness to ideas and his ease at offering artistic direction, I learned that a photo shoot with Greg is more than taking pictures for your portfolio. It is more like painting a mural together that says something to the world about who you are."

- Estefania Sanchez - Escuela de Ritmo Flamenco - Boise, ID

"Working with Greg was a wonderful experience! He had a clear vision, but still valued my input as the dancer. The comfortable environment Greg created allowed me to challenge my artistic limits."

- Elissa Forseca - Company Dancer w/ SALT - Salt Lake City, UT


"I am so used to seeing my dancing through little glimpses at myself in the mirror during a ballet class or from distant image on a performance video but working with Greg, I had the opportunity to observe what my dancing looks like in natural surroundings. Greg was able to capture my artistic expression and how it directly related to where I was, a component to art that sometimes I myself overlook. Greg was able to direct me in such a way throughout the photo-shoot so as to not stifle my own artistic voice and inspiration of our surroundings but nevertheless capture the photograph with the totality of composition in mind. The culmination of both Greg and Paul created stunning photos and I cherish the opportunity I had to work with them!"

- Heather Childs - Professional Dancer - New York City, NY

"As a dancer and teacher, I value Greg's ability to capture the joy and beauty of dance.  As Greg is a dancer himself, his is attuned to the emotions and effort involved in dance.  I particularly enjoy his photos of dancers back stage.  The photos show all the tension, energy, nerves and excitement of getting ready to perform.  Once the dancers are on stage, Greg is excellent in getting great action photos reflecting all of those back stage emotions.  The final results are a tribute to our art of dance.”

- Kathryn Stout - Member, Royal Academy of Dance - Pittsburgh, PA
"Many photographers try to photograph dance without a real understanding of dance technique, proper lines, or a sense of the right timing to capture a moment. As a dancer this is frustrating because it’s hard to find a photographer who truly “gets it.”. Greg gets it. Greg’s background in classical ballet allows him to accurately and professionally portray you, the dancer, in the best way possible. I look forward to working with Greg for years to come."

- Beth Feild - Las Vegas, NV

"I've been a fan of Greg's work, particularly their ability to portray true emotions, style and class in a photograph, since the beginning. I was honored to work with Greg, and Greg patiently walked me through the steps to capture exactly what they was looking for. The results are looks I did not know I was capable of and great photos for a project I am proud to be a part of."

- Kristen Dziedzic - Baltimore, MD

  "Working with Greg was a memorable experience. I had seen some of his work and had heard quite a bit about him so I had high expectations. Greg truly exceeded my expectations. He was kind and professional and really pushed for perfection which resulted in some phenomenal work. His eye for and knowledge of dance photography is especially impressive. I am thrilled with the outcome of the photoshoot I did with him.

- Allie Mathis - Spanish Fork, UT"